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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. Basically, it's chatroom server and client software in general. In IRC, you have servers and channels. Servers hold the channels, and are hosted on dedicated machines. The channels are the actual chatrooms. IRC allows you to chat with people in real-time around the world.

Connecting to IRC

The official Hercules channel room can be found here.
Web-based IRC chat is available too:

To actually connect to IRC, if you do not already have an IRC client and do not wish to run the java chat, you're going to need an IRC client. There are many different IRC clients, and none are really the 'best'. Opinions vary on which are better. The most commonly used IRC client on Microsoft Windows is mIRC. The most commonly used client on *nix is a tossup between BitchX and XChat. Note that XChat is pay-to-use on Windows, but not on *nix.

For those not looking to go in-depth into manuals to figure out how to connect, you can actually be up and running by simply installing mIRC, and then typing the following two commands into the mIRC command line on the status window:

/nick NickYouWantHere
/server -j #Hercules

And you'll be connected.


Here you will find links for IRC clients and other related things.

Windows IRC Clients

*Nix Clients

The *NIX clients differ. you need to grab the one that best suits your *nix operating system.