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A GRF is a compressed file archive used by Ragnarok Online. It contains all the compressed graphics, sprites, sound effects, map files, etc. used by the Ragnarok client. The main GRF is usually named "data.grf" or "sdata.grf".


GRF Tool - can read GRF/GPFs
GRF Builder - can read/write/merge GRF/GPFs

GRF Tool

This program can open a grf and extract file(s) from it. It has a Search option and a handy Preview Pane for viewing text and image files before extracting them. To extract a single file, double click it or select it and click Extract. To extract multiple files, hold Ctrl or Shift while you select the files (Ctrl+A for all), then click Extract.

GRF Builder

This program can open a grf, extract files, create new grfs, and merge grfs. When opening and loading large grfs, it is slower compared to GRF Tool. In addition to the file list view, there is also a tree view. There is a Search option, but it only searches for exact file names.

Creating a GRF

  1. Download and extract GRF Builder.
  2. Make a folder named "data" somewhere (ex: on your Desktop).
  3. Put files you want to add to your GRF into the "data" folder.
  4. Start grfbuilder.exe
  5. Click New and enter a filename (ex: YourRO.grf)
  6. Click Merge dir, browse to the "data" folder, and click OK.
  7. A progress bar will show as files are being added.
  8. Click Close, then exit GRF Builder.

What about GPFs?

GPF is the same file format as GRF. The different file extension it is only used to differentiate patches from base archives.

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