Clif displaymessage

==Syntax== int '''clif_displaymessage'''(const int fd, const char* mes);

==Parameters== * '''fd''' - Socket descriptor (connection handle) for the connection to send the text to. * '''mes''' - Text to send to the client.

==Description== Sends a text to the client, which is displayed like normal self-chat (green font in chat and above characters head. Message is only visible to the client, it was sent to. Usually this function is used for at-command output.

==Example== clif->displaymessage(sd->fd, "Character not found."); Would display "Character not found." above sd's head. Same thing can also be accomplished (and preferred) by using [[msg_txt]] function: clif->displaymessage(sd->fd, msg_txt(3));

[[Category:Source Functions]]