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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


skilleffect(<skill id>, <number>);
skilleffect("<skill name>", <number>);


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== Description == This command displays visual and aural effects of given skill on [[RID|currently attached character]]. The number parameter is for skill whose visual effect involves displaying of a number (healing or damaging). Note, that this command will not actually use the skill, it is intended for scripts, which simulate skill usage by the [[NPC]], such as buffs, by setting appropriate status and displaying the skill's effect.

== Examples == [[mes]] "Be blessed!"; // Heal of 2000 HP [[heal]] 2000,0; [[skilleffect]] 28,2000;

// Blessing Level 10 [[sc_start]] 10,240000,10; [[skilleffect]] 34,0;

// Increase AGI Level 5 [[sc_start]] 12,140000,5; [[skilleffect]] 29,0;

This will heal the character with 2000 HP, buff it with Blessing Lv 10 and Increase AGI Lv 5, and display appropriate effects.