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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


viewpoint(<action>, <x>, <y>, <point number>, <color>);


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==Description== This command will mark places on the mini map in the client connected to the invoking character. It uses the normal X and Y coordinates from the main map. The colors of the marks are defined using a hexadecimal number, same as the ones used to color text in 'mes' output, but are written as hexadecimal numbers in C. (They look like 0x.)

Action is what you want to do with a point, 1 will set it, while 2 will clear it. 0 will also set it, but automatically removes the point after 15 seconds. Point number is the number of the point - you can have several. If more than one point is drawn at the same coordinates, they will cycle, which can be used to create flashing marks.

==Examples== This command will show a mark at coordinates X 30 Y 40, is mark number 1, and will be red. viewpoint 1,30,40,1,0xFF0000;

This will create three points:

viewpoint 1,30,40,1,0xFF0000;
viewpoint 1,35,45,2,0xFF0000;
viewpoint 1,40,50,3,0xFF0000;

And this is how you remove them:

viewpoint 2,30,40,1,0xFF0000;
viewpoint 2,35,45,2,0xFF0000;
viewpoint 2,40,50,3,0xFF0000;