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Generate HPM Hook on windows

First you need to download and install Doxygen and Perl.



  1. Run "Doxygen GUI frontend"

  2. Click on "File" -> "Open"

  3. Go on your Hercules folder -> "tools" -> "HPMHookGen" and select "doxygen.conf"

  4. Now in the interface you will see Run, go on it.

  5. Just click on "Run doxygen" and just close it.

  6. Go on the "HPMHookGen" folder then run

Generate HPM Hook on Linux

Preparations (First Time)

First you have to install Doxygen and Perl. On Debian (Ubuntu) that may be achieved with:

sudo apt-get install doxygen
sudo apt-get install perl

After that, open a terminal at your Hercules root folder and run configure

note: This is required to be done once after you install Doxygen and Perl so make recognizes that they are installed.

Generating HPM Hook

  1. Change directories to tools/HPMHookGen/ folder

    cd tools/HPMHookGen/

  2. Run make


HPM Hooks will be generated.

Troubleshooting: Can't locate XML/ in @INC

In case you have the error saying that it can't locate XML/, you should install libxml-simple-perl. On Debian/Ubuntu, you may run:

sudo apt-get install libxml-simple-perl

Once it installs, you can try running make again and it should work.