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Zeny is the in-game currency used in Ragnarok Online, which can be used for buying and selling items from and to NPC shops and other players.


The technical limit is for both the client and server up to 2,147,483,647 Zeny, which is typically capped at 1,000,000,000. The cap can be changed inside src/common/mmo.h by adjusting the macro MAX_ZENY to a desired value below the technical limit. The source must be recompiled after this change. If a value is specified which surpasses the technical limit, the server will not compile.


Along with EXP death penalties, a Zeny penalty may be set in conf/battle/exp.conf which reduced the amount of Zeny the player holds upon death:

// When a player dies (to another player), how much zeny should we penalize them with?
// NOTE: It is a percentage of their zeny, so 100 = 1%
zeny_penalty: 0

Mapflags can be set on certain maps to disable the zeny penalty in npc/mapflag/nopenalty.txt


The amount of Zeny that can be set to an item when vending is soft-limited to 1,000,000,000 and can be overridden by the setting vending_max_value in conf/map/battle/items.conf and hexing the client to correct the client-side warnings.

If the seller obtains more Zeny through vending than MAX_ZENY the surplus Zeny is discarded. To avoid this, the setting vending_over_max in conf/map/battle/items.conf can be set to false, which causes the deal to fail if it would result in more Zeny than the seller is able to hold.


The name Zeny is recognized by the script engine as a parameter constant, which affects the amount of Zeny of the currently attached player. It can be both read and written.

Zeny += 120; // gives the player 120z
mesf("Your current balance is %dz.", Zeny);
Zeny = 0; // takes all Zeny from the player