Clif authfail

==Syntax== int '''clif_authfail_fd'''(int fd, int type);

==Parameters== * '''fd''' - Socket descriptor (connection handle) of the connection to disconnect. * '''type''' - Indicates, which message should be displayed on the client upon disconnection. 1 - Server closed. 2 - Someone already logged into this ID. 3 - You've been disconnected due to a time delay between you and the server. 4 - Server is jammed due to over population. Please try again shortly. 5 - You are under-aged. 8 - Server still recognizes your last log-in. Please try again after a few minutes. 9 - IP capacity of this Internet Cafe is full. Would you like to pay the personal base? 10 - You are out of available time paid for. Game will be shut down automatically. 15 - You have been forced to disconnect by the Game Master Team. other - Disconnected from the server.

==Description== Notifies the client, that it is about being disconnected, usually due to authentication failure (thus the name). Causes the client to disconnect and display a message box depending on type.

==Example== clif_authfail_fd(sd->fd, 15); This would disconnect the player session and notify the player, that he or she has been kicked by a GM.