Clif skill nodamage

==Syntax== int '''clif_skill_nodamage'''(struct block_list src, struct block_list dst, int skill_id, int heal, int fail);

==Parameters== * '''src''' - Specifies the source object of the no-damage skill. Can be NULL. * '''dst''' - Specifies the skill affected (destination) object. * '''skill_id''' - ID of the skill to display. * '''heal''' - Heal value, if the skill effect displays HP or SP gain, otherwise skill level. * '''fail''' - Whether the skill failed or not.

==Description== Displays a skill effect on ''dst'' from ''src'', and is responsible for ''screaming'' the name by ''src'', of a non-damaging skill. If used with incompatible skill, the ''dst'' object (ex. player) will only scream the name, but no effect will be shown, likewise if ''fail'' is set to 1. ''heal'' (skill level) of -1 will disable ''src'' from screaming the skill name.

==Example== clif_skill_nodamage(&sd->bl, &tsd->bl, AL_HEAL, 12000, 0); Will make player ''sd'' scream 'Heal !!' and show a heal effect of 12,000 HP on player ''tsd''.

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