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Defining warp points

These kind of scripts are used to show a warp in-game and define where to warp a player.

Basic syntax


From map name, fromX and fromY defines where the warp will be placed. facing is not irrelevant so you can set it to zero.

warp name declares the warp's name so you can enable or disable it using @enablenpc or @disablenpc atcommands.

SpanX and SpanY will make the warp sensitive to a character who didn't step directly on it, but walked into a zone which is centered on the warp from coordinates and is SpanX in each direction across the X axis and SpanY in each direction across the Y axis.

So here is an example how our warp must look:

prontera,107,215,0 warp prt01 2,2,prt_in,240,139

When we have completed defining our warp, we can add it to a existing warp file (placed in [`npc/warps/`]( folder) or create a new file. If you choose the last don't forget to add the new file to script list!