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RO Pixeling Colors

RO Common Colors

There are several color gradients that appears in almost all RO color tables. Those are known as the RO common colors, and their use is recommendable for all new spriters (this way they will avoid making saturated or bright sprites).

Those colors are shown in the next image.

Solid And Neon Colors

At the bottom part of the image, we can see some solid colors, that are used as reference colors. Before coloring the sprites, we have to make the edges. Many spriters use these solid colors to make the edges since they are more visible than common RO colors.

Other Colors

There are certain sprites that don't look good with RO common colors and need new color gradients. An example is bronze color. It is a kind of bright brown with a bit of green. This color doesn't exist in RO and must be added to the color table by us.

On the other hand, there are several colors such black that appear only applied on certain sprites. There are more colors, like pink, gold and ice blue that appears on some sprites.

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