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Sakray is what official Ragnarok Online test servers are usually referred to. They are used to test new content and features, before they get installed on the normal servers. When the name "Sakray" is used alone, it typically refers to the kRO Sakray server. Sakray servers are always accessible via a separate client, which is available through a separate download.



Gravity discontinued the original Sakray development after June 17, 2009, where the last Sakray client was released, and replaced it with Sakray Renewal, which is mostly referred to as "Renewal" or "RE".

On kRO, on July 28th Gravity set up a new test server for their Ragnarok Renewal Project. The Renewal is a full scale re-balancing of Ragnarok. The plan is to make RO more accessible to users, and more in line with modern day MMORPG's. In addition, the new mechanics are intended so that they can easily add and improve on current game content (such as 3rd jobs) without destroying game balance.

The intention for renewing Ragnarok Online, was partially the decreasing interest in the game, due to it's age and lack of features present in latest MMORPG, such as tabbed chat or safe skill point distribution, which were part of the first round of renewal, the interface renewal. Further changes include an overhaul in the stat, damage and experience calculation.

Schedule for tests of Renewal Server:

  • Closed Beta Test
        Start Date: 2008/07/30
        Server Name: Sakray Renewal Test Server
        Participation: Accepted testers
        Test Period: 2008/07/30 ~ 2008/08/27 (4 weeks)
  • Open Beta Test
        Start Date: 2008/08/27  
        Server Name: Sakray Renewal Test Server  
        Participation: Anyone  
        Test Period: 2008/08/27 ~ 2008/09/24 (4 weeks)


Hexed kRO Sakray clients are the most used clients with Hercules, although a few people prefer using kRO (live server) clients or clients from different service providers.