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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


getnpctimer(<type of information>{, "<NPC name>"});


This script command is one out of a set of commands and functions that create and manage an NPC-based timer.

Specifically, getnpctimer() provides the timer information. See below for the type of information returned.

The NPC name may be omitted, in which case the calling NPC is used as target.


Its parameter defines what type to return:

  • 0 - Will return the current tick count of the timer.
  • 1 - Will return 1 if there are remaining OnTimer<ticks>: labels in the specified NPC waiting for execution.
  • 2 - Will return the number of times the timer has triggered and will trigger an OnTimer<tick>: label in the specified NPC.


mes("I have been waiting " + (getnpctimer(0) / 1000) + " seconds for you");
// we divide the timer returned by 1000 cause it will be displayed in 
// milliseconds otherwise