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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


warpparty("<to_mapname>", <x>, <y>, <party_id>, {"<from_mapname>"});


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==Description== Warps a party to specified map and coordinate given the party ID, which you can get with [getcharid].
You can also request another party id, given a member's name with [getcharid].

You can use the following "map names" for special warping behavior:

'''Random''': ''All party members are randomly warped in their current map (as if they all used a fly wing).
'' '''SavePointAll''': ''All party members are warped to their respective save point.
'' '''SavePoint''': ''All party members are warped to the save point of the currently attached player (will fail if there's no playerattached).''
'''Leader''': ''All party members are warped to the leader's position. The leader must be online and in the current map-server for this to work.''

If you specify a from_mapname, warpparty will only affect those on that map


mes "[Party Warper]";
mes "Here you go!";
set @id,getcharid(1);
warpparty "prontera",150,100,@id;