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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", "<display name>"{, <class id>{, <size>}});
setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", <class id>);


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== Description == Changes the display name and/or display class of the target NPC.

Returns 0 is successful, 1 if the NPC does not exist.

Size is 0 = normal 1 = small 2 = big.

== Examples == setnpcdisplay("Test","Test NPC","1002","2"); //The NPC 'Test' will receive the name 'Test NPC', the disguise of a Poring, and be large like a Mastering. setnpcdisplay("Test","Test NPC","1002"); //The NPC 'Test' will receive the name 'Test NPC' and the disguise of a Poring. setnpcdisplay("Test","Test NPC"); //The NPC 'Test' will receive the name 'Test NPC'. setnpcdisplay("Test",1002); //The NPC 'Test' will receive the disguise of a Poring.