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This article will cover the Git details related to Hercules. Git is a version control system that allows multiple users to contribute to the development of Hercules, if permitted. It is also the most efficient method to downloading the source code of Hercules.

About Git

As mentioned above Git is a version control system that allows users to download the latest source code.


When you clone a git repository, it is downloaded, along with all history, properties and files, onto your machine so you can make local changes or use it in a production environment.


When you commit a piece of code, you are saving a set of changes in a form that can be uploaded back to the server. Each commit includes the author's name, what they changed and when they changed it, which can be viewed and referenced later.


When you push your commits, you are sending your commits to the central git server, to make them available to other people.

Only members of the Hercules development team can commit code straight to the Hercules Git.


When you pull commits, you are downloading the latest commits that were pushed to the git repository, and merging them to your working copy. In this operation, many files are changed, but some are added, deleted or moved. When you pull changes, a lot of conflicts can happen, so keep an eye out of those.

Obtain/Install Git

Please see the :Category:Installation appropriate category for installation of Git on your operating system of choice and how to utilize it.

Hercules Git Details

You can find the root or index of the Hercules source code at the following link: 1( This link can be used if you need to view a single file and don't want to dig up your "copy" of the source code.

Hercules Developer Branches

Each developer that contributes to the Hercules Project is welcome to their own branches on the git repository. A lot of times, these separate branches branch are a testing bed for a new feature. You should never assume that any branch that is not trunk or not stable is usable. Often times, it is not.

Using .diff/.patch files

Often times, developers and contributors will release their work with a .diff or .patch file. these files are designed specifically to be applied to Hercules and 'patched' in.

If the revision numbers are different, or the code is different in anyway, the patch will likely fail with the error message that the revision numbers do not match. The diff file will include some important symbols and numbers to help you apply them manually.

/path/to/file [Revision 233]
@@ +241,4 -241,4 @@
+ This line will be added at the line number or position indicated above.
- This line will be removed at the line number or position indicated above.

So in the file, we're to remove line 241 and replace it with the line that has the '+' next to it.

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