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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


autobonus2(<bonus script>, <rate>, <duration>{, <flag>, {<other script>}});


These commands are meant to be used in item scripts. They will probably work outside item scripts, but the bonus will not persist for long. They, as expected, refer only to an invoking character.

What these commands do is "attach" a script to the player which will get executed on attack (or when attacked in the case of autobonus2()).

rate is the trigger rate of the script (10000 = 100%).

duration is the time that the bonus will last for since the script has triggered.

skill ID/skill name the skill which will be used as trigger to start the bonus (for autobonus3()).

The optional argument flag is used to classify the type of attack where the script can trigger (it shares the same flags as the bAutoSpell bonus script):

Range criteria: - BF_SHORT: Trigger on melee attack - BF_LONG: Trigger on ranged attack - Default: BF_SHORT + BF_LONG

Attack type criteria: - BF_WEAPON: Trigger on weapon skills - BF_MAGIC: Trigger on magic skills - BF_MISC: Trigger on misc skills - Default: BF_WEAPON

Skill criteria: - BF_NORMAL: Trigger on normal attacks - BF_SKILL: Trigger on skills - Default: If the attack type is BF_WEAPON (only) BF_NORMAL is used, otherwise BF_SKILL + BF_NORMAL is used.

The difference between the optional argument other script and the bonus script is that, the former one triggers only when attacking (or attacked) and the latter one runs on status calculation as well, which makes sure, within the duration, the bonus that get lost on status calculation is restored. So, bonus script is technically supposed to accept bonus() command only. And we usually use other script to show visual effects.

In all cases, when the script triggers, the attached player will be the one who holds the bonus. There is currently no way of knowing within this script who was the other character (the attacker in autobonus2(), or the target in autobonus() and autobonus3()).


//Grants a 1% chance of starting the state "all stats +10" for 10 seconds 
//when using weapon or misc attacks (both melee and ranged skills) and 
//shows a special effect when the bonus is active.
autobonus("{ bonus(bAllStats, 10); }", 10, 10000, BF_WEAPON | BF_MISC, "{ specialeffect2(EF_FIRESPLASHHIT); }");