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==Description== This function will return the various parts of the name of the calling [[NPC]]. Whatever it returns is determined by type.

==Type Values== {| {| class="wikitable" border="1" !Value !Description |- |0||The NPC's display name (visible#hidden). |- |1||The visible part of the NPC's display name. |- |2||The hidden part of the NPC's display name |- |3||The NPC's unique name (::name). |- |4||The name of the map the NPC is in. |}

==Examples== monk_test,306,151,5 script Sealed Shrine#1::SS_1 111,{ [[mes]] '''strnpcinfo'''(0); // Sealed Shrine#1 mes strnpcinfo(1); // Sealed Shrine mes strnpcinfo(2); // 1 mes strnpcinfo(3); // SS_1 mes strnpcinfo(4); // monk_test [[close]]; }