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The resource name table or resnametable, is responsible for creating pathname aliases for client-side files, regardless of whether inside or outside a GRF archive. The server can also read this file when using GRFs for map data, as well. It is stored in data\resnametable.txt, typically inside the archive.


This file is used whenever a resource (file) is required to be known under different name, while maintaining the same data, mostly used for duplicating maps, but available for any kind of file. It is preferred to use this mechanism, as it avoids the need to copy files physically, thus saves space and improves system's cache performance. The path, to which pathnames relate to, appears to depend on the pathname's file extension, see table below.


In use is a single-line 2-column token text table format, whose 1st column holds the alias pathname and the 2nd column contains the pathname of the actual file.

alias pathname#real pathname#



This virtually copies the map payg_cas01 to nguild_pay (so you won't need extra map files for nguild_pay).

Known Base Paths

Extension Path
bmp data\texture\
gat data\
gnd data\
rsw data\

Category:Client Configuration