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Hercules Hierarchy

Staff Titles

Ordered alphabetically.
All staff titles, regardless of their description, possesses full moderation powers.


They administrate.

Core Developers

The kings of the code hill.

Script Developers

Usually the members with the fastest key/second typing ratio.

Scripting Moderators

Global Moderators

Global Moderators are individuals who moderate all of the forums excluding International Communities, however, may still moderate.
Global Moderator ensure that all of the forums are cleaned by removing duplicate topics, ensuring posts/topics don't have spam, moving topics where need be, and locking topics.
Global Moderators also provide support to support topics, however, not to an extent as Support Leaders. This is not a position one can apply to, but be promoted to from other moderation position thanks to one's efforts and commitment to moderation.

Support Leaders

In charge of all the main supporting areas.

Graphics Moderators

In charge of all the main graphics areas.

Int'l Moderators

International Moderators are individuals who moderate their respective International Community.
They are solely responsible in making sure their respective community is cleaned by moving, locking, removing, and cleaning topics of spams.
International Moderators don't have sole responsibility of other forums outside their community and they must provide support to individuals in their community.




High Council

They're an upgrade from the Community Contributor title.

Former Staff Members

Former staff members who've contributed throughout Hercules.

Former Administrators

Former Core Developers

Former Script Developers

Former Scripting Moderators

Former Global Moderators

Former Support Leaders

Former Graphic Moderators

Former International Moderators


Community Contributors

This title is awarded to community members for their outstanding support of Hercules. For more information, read the thread about it on the forum.