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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.

[`src/common/mmo.h`]( This source file holds global declarations and hard-coded settings, that are used by the login, char and map server. If you modify anything, you have to recompile all three servers, otherwise you may run into errors.


Specifies the packet version to use for server-client communication. It must be set to date, your client has been released at, e. g. 20090922 for 2009-09-22aRagexeRE. Note: If you have a client, that is newer, than the latest packet version in the comment, some things might not work properly, if the client packets have changed since then.


If you disable this define, all status changes get discarded upon logout.


When enabled, the server stores client hotkeys. While older clients save them locally in the registry, newer clients require this define to be enabled.


Sets how many maps a single map server may manage. This also includes instanced maps.


Sets maximum amount of item slots in the character item inventory. If you set this above 127, some scripts, that enumerate characters' inventory will break.


Max number of characters per account. Note, that changing this setting alone is not enough if the client is not hexed to support more characters as well.


Max number of permanent char variables.


Max number of permanent account variables.


Max number of permanent global account variables.


Maximum number of Quest database to be loaded. File is located in db/questdb.txt note: if you have too many quests, your map server will show errors that there's too many quest db. remember to recompile your server if you do!

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