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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


warp(<"map name">, <x>, <y>);


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==Description== This command places (warps) the [[RID#Usage|currently attached]] player on given map, at given coordinates. Setting both ''x'' and ''y'' to 0 (zero) will cause the player get placed at a random spot. If the target cell is not walkable, it will cause an error and random placement. Parameter ''map name'' also accepts three magic names, where the ''x'' and ''y'' parameters are ignored: "Random" for random placement on current map, "Save" and "SavePoint" will warp the character to it's [[save point]].

Since warping causes all running scripts for the warped character to end, all commands that would normally be executed after warp, '''will not get executed''', so there should not be any other command after warp, except [[end]].

==Examples== [[mes]] "OK, I'll warp you home now."; [[close2]]; warp "SavePoint", 0, 0; end; Warps the player to his or her save point after closing the dialog.

mes "Thank you for bringing me all"; mes "these things, but not get out."; [[next]]; warp "prontera", 150, 150; [[set]] XYZQUEST,XYZQUEST|4; // not executed mes "See you."; // not executed either [[close]]; Will warp the player to Prontera at coordinates 150,150. Note, that anything past '''warp''' will not get executed (hidden bug, because quest progress is not updated).