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Data folder structure


This page currently explains the data folder structure as recognized by the client.

Take note of this: ¿© (여) is female, ³² (남) is male.

Data Structure

data Holds various text files, for items, the bard and dancer scream and frost joker skill messages, error messages, map files (.rsw,.gnd,.gat), etc.

  • ai The ai in here means "Artificial Intelligence". As the name implies, this contains all the functions for the AIs (Mercenaries and Homunculus).

  • book Where the contents of books are.

  • imf Contains files that control the thumbnail views of characters in the Character Selection Screen.

  • lua files Interface coding.(Old Clients)

  • luafiles514 Just another set of LUA files which are much more updated.

  • lua files Interface coding.(New Clients)

  • model Various map model's. Examples of model's are statues, foliage, street lights, ect. Folder also contains various sub folders which are too many to list.

  • palette Folder body and hair for palettes.

    • ¸ö (몸)

      Folder for cloth palettes.

    • ¸Ó¸® (머리)

      Folder for hair palettes.

  • sprite

    Base folder for sprites. Has a sprite for a shadow (goes underneath the character?), a numbers sprite for countdowns (or counting for something).

    • ¸ó½ºÅÍ (몬스터)

      Folder for monster sprites.

    • ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ (아이템)

      Folder for drop sprites, for items and skills.

    • ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸® (악세사리)

      Item sprites.

    • ¹æÆÐ (방패)

      Folder for shield sprites.

    • Àΰ£Á· (인간족)

      Hair and job sprites base folder.

    • ¸öÅë (몸통)

      Job sprites folder.
    • ¸Ó¸®Åë (머리통)

      Hair folder.
    • ÀÌÆÑÆ® (이팩트)

      Status effects and other effects. Examples are curse, sleep, the time o attack that pops up in PVP.

    • book

      Book sprites. Examples are the open book with pages turning, shown when a book can be read.

    • homun

      Homunculus sprites.

    • npc

      NPC sprites.

  • texture Folder for various .bmp images, from items to interface and other things like that. The logo is also stored here, the logo is shown in screenshots, on the lower right hand side. Various map textures in main and sub folders, too many to list.

    • effect

      Folder for skill effects. Effects have to be .tga format.

    • À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º (유저인터페이스)

      Similar to its main folder, texture. Has the world map, login background, and loading screens as well.

    • basic_interface

      Interface images, buttons and other graphics having to do with menus.

      • battle_field

        Help buttons.

      • cardbmp

        Card images for when you click view in-game or right click the card. Image has to be .bmp format.

      • collection

        Images for items, the image will show up to the left of the description for the item. Has to be .bmp format.

      • illust

        Images for NPCs, pets, and quest images. Examples are kafra, or the flag in the novice grounds. They have to have the transparent pink background, and be .bmp.

      • item

        Images for the items when seen in the inventory. Images have to have the transparent pink background and be .bmp.

      • login_interface

        As the name suggests, the login interface. Images for character selection, and the login screen. Also has some warning images. .bmp format and needs transparency.

      • map

        Map images, the map is displayed in the upper right hand corner.

  • wav

    All the game sounds for monsters, and attacks.

  • effect

    All the game sounds for skills.

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