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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


query_sql("your MySQL query"{, <array variable>{, <array variable>{, ...}}});


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==Description== Executes an SQL query. A 'select' query can fill array variables with up to 128 rows of values, and will return the number of rows (the array size).

Note that 'query_sql' runs on the main database while 'query_logsql' runs on the log database.

==Examples== [[set]] @nb, [query_sql]"; // Will return a person with the biggest fame value. [[mes]] "2."+@name$[1]+"("+@fame[1]+")"; [[mes]] "3."+@name$[2]+"("+@fame[2]+")"; [[mes]] "4."+@name$[3]+"("+@fame[3]+")"; [[mes]] "5."+@name$[4]+"("+@fame[4]+")";

==See Also== * * [[escape_sql]];