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All pages that specifically related to the Scripting goes in this Category Page.

Articles will cover the following topics Map Flags, Permanent Monster Spawns, Non Playable Characters, Warp Points, Shops, and Functions.

All articles related to scripting can be found alphabetically :Category:Scripting


Articles in this category are mainly written to create or improve your foundations on Scripting.

More Information:

  • [[Adding_a_Script|[Tutorial] Add a Script]]
  • [[Basic_Scripting|[Tutorial] NPC Scripting (Basics)]]
  • NPC Errors
  • Tips and Tricks

Map Flags

A Map Flag describes restriction, property, and behavior of a certain map. The map flags alter the behavior of the map regarding teleporting, storing location when disconnected, dead branch usage, penalties upon death, PVP behavior, WoE behavior, ability to use skills or open up trade deals ,current weather effects, and whether day/night will be in effect on this map. Articles about Map Flags are placed under this category...

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Monster Spawns

In Depth articles that are related to Monster Spawns can be found under this category.

Non Playable Character

In Depth articles that are related to NPC Scripting can all be found under this category.

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Warp Points

In Depth articles related to Warp Points are listed in this category


Articles about Shops and Cash Shops are placed under this category.


In Depth articles that are related to Functions can all be found under this category.

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