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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.

Import folder Introduction

The Import Folder is used to import virtually all of your configuration changes and settings into the core of the Hercules emulator without ever making changes to any .conf files after it is initially configured. This is very helpful when Creating a New Server Build, Compiling , or Updating to the Latest version this will allow retention of all the settings you previously configured without having to deal with possible overwrite conflicts from a git pull or change over to a New Server Build.

How it works

So, It works as such; Once you have configured all of the files you wish to configure within the Conf directory of your server side you will take those same settings and copy them to the corresponding import directory files. For Example: Lets say you make the following changes to;

conf/battle/client.conf ---> Make your desired changes, in this case we are changing hair and dye settings.

// Valid range of dyes and styles on the client.
min_hair_style: 0
max_hair_style: 27 ----> Changing to 40
min_hair_color: 0
max_hair_color: 8 ----> Changing to 200
min_cloth_color: 0
max_cloth_color: 4 ----> Changing to 100

conf/battle/client.conf ---> We then simply copy only the changed setting lines into ---> conf/import/client_conf.txt

max_hair_style: 40
max_hair_color: 200
max_cloth_color: 100

Since these three settings were the only ones we changed in this example these are the only configuration lines to copy from the .conf file into the corresponding import.txt file. This will now allow the server to directly import these changed settings. This can be done with any of the configuration files. The server reads .confs files within the conf directory first, however any settings configured within the /import/ folder will be read second, thus overwriting default settings. Please note over time settings have changed, so please compare Import.txt Files to any New Server Configuration Settings.

Commonly Imported Settings

The most common use of these files is for the following parameters:
/conf/login_athena.conf -> /conf/import/login_conf.txt

login_port: 6900
account.engine: auto
account.sql.db_port: 3306
account.sql.db_username: ragnarok
account.sql.db_password: ragnarok
account.sql.db_database: ragnarok

/conf/char_athena.conf -> /conf/import/char_conf.txt

userid: s1
passwd: p1
server_name: Hercules
login_port: 6900
char_port: 6121
start_point: new_1-1,53,111

/conf/map_athena.conf -> /conf/import/map_conf.txt

userid: s1
passwd: p1
char_port: 6121
map_port: 5121

/conf/inter_athena.conf -> /conf/import/inter_conf.txt

sql.db_port: 3306
sql.db_username: ragnarok
sql.db_password: ragnarok
sql.db_database: ragnarok
char_server_port: 3306
char_server_id: ragnarok
char_server_pw: ragnarok
char_server_db: ragnarok
map_server_port: 3306
map_server_id: ragnarok
map_server_pw: ragnarok
map_server_db: ragnarok
log_db_port: 3306
log_db_id: ragnarok
log_db_pw: ragnarok
log_db_db: ragnarok
log_login_db: loginlog
use_sql_db: no


The Import Folder is a powerful tool and is often overlooked by amateur developers, but it saves a lot of time and effort it is highly recommended to use. The import.txt files can be saved and used in any new build, just ensure you double check the pathways and corresponding configuration settings. The import folder is often incomplete or blank when downloading latest revisions, you will have to add the necessary files or overwrite the blank template files.