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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.

A Compilation of noteworthy changes done by Hercules throughout its existence, noteworthy being considered new features, modifications to existent features (e.g. script command) among other things.







Instances / Instancing

Since May 30th on the Slasher Patch


  • map server was made capable of creating instances of any maps regardless of client-side edits, e.g. one can clone prontera and call it "mymapname"
  • instances were modified to be employed in 4 distinct ways:
  • by nobody (server type instance, to be used with special map names)
  • by a sole character
  • by a party
  • by by a guild

Script Command Changes

  • instance_create 2nd param was renamed to owner_id, (was party_id) , and it got a 3rd optional param that defines what kind of owner id it is (when not provided, assumes party_id, for backwards compatibility), available options are (IOT_ stands for INSTANCE OWNER TYPE) IOT_NONE (0), IOT_CHAR (1), IOT_PARTY (2) and IOT_GUILD (3).
  • instance_destroy no longer autodetects instance id from party id
  • instance_attachmap was given a 4th, optional, param, "", it allows a entirely new map name to be specified for the instance (without the need of client-side edits). this option can be best employed when used on a instance of IOT_NONE
  • instance_detachmap no longer autodetects instance id from party id
  • instance_id no longer supports any param
  • instance_set_timeout no longer autodetects instance id from party id
  • instance_announce no longer autodetects instance id from party id, and to tell it to autodetect from the attached script you must set instance_id param as -1 as opposed to 0
  • instance_npcname no longer autodetects instance id from party id
  • has_instance no longer autodetects instance from party, however it now checks if attached player possesses a instance with same map as has_instance() checks for
  • instance_warpall no longer autodetects instance from party

Other Changes

  • instance IDs (valid ones) are now always >= 0 as opposed to > 0