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This page may contain outdated information, incompatible with the current version of Hercules and its coding standards.


getcharid(<type>{, "<character name>"});


This function will return a unique ID number of the invoking character, or, if a character name is specified, of that character.

For most purposes other than printing it, a number is better to have than a name (people do horrifying things to their character names).

If the character is not in a party or not in a guild, the function will return 0 if guild or party number is requested. If a name is specified and the character is not found, 0 is returned.

If getcharid(0) returns a zero, the script got called not by a character and doesn't have an attached RID. Note that this will cause the map server to print "player not attached!" error messages, so it is preferred to use playerattached() to check for the character attached to the script.

Type Values

Value Description
0 Character ID number.
1 Party ID number.
2 Guild ID number.
3 Account ID number.
4 Battleground ID number.


if (getcharid(2) == 0)
	mes("Only members of a guild are allowed here!");

// This code will get charid from not attached player, if he is online (useful in dialogues)
if (getcharid(.@charname$,0) > 0) {